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If you are new to the parish, you must first be registered, and the church administrator will initially set up your information in the church directory. Registration forms can be found on the church pews.

For adding or deleting names from the directory, please contact the office.

To change your information in the Church Directory, you must be logged in.

Updates can be entered by going to My Profile and making changes. To access this, go to the horizontal menu bars (two or three lines on the top, left side of the screen) and select My Profile from the menu choices. Simply make your changes and then exit by selecting the left chevron next to the church name and all your changes will be saved automatically.

Changes such as name, address, birthday month and year, phone number and email address appear in the directory.  Other information is for church use only.


Usually, one adult member will be identified as the Primary Contact for each family group. Other choices are Spouse, Child or Other. This does not appear in the directory.

Your birthday year is optional, but we still ask that you enter it for church use only. It does NOT show up in the directory!

Changes to Family information will apply to all family members.

The Formal Greeting will be used for addressing mailings (Bob and May Smith, or The Smith Family) and the Informal Greeting will be used primarily for salutations in letters (Dear Bob and Mary).

You can also select whether other church members will be able to see your listing in the directory.

For any additional information, please contact the church office.

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